Previous Festivals

The first FORMAT International Photography Festival took place in 2005, a year after FORMAT was established. Since then there have been five full festivals and numerous other activities taking place in Derby. Since 2005 the festival has grown considerably in size, international reach and stature with FORMAT13 establishing FORMAT as the largest photography festival in the UK and a “contender to the major European festivals”. 

FORMAT 2015 will mark the ten year anniversary of FORMAT International Photography Festival.

2005: Documentary, Memory, Place

FORMAT05 brings together the best of both established national and international photographers as well as showcasing the work of new emerging talents. Conceived and coordinated by Q Arts and Derby City Council, this exciting season of exhibitions and events focuses on Documentary, Memory and Place. FORMAT05 is the first step towards a Photo Forum in the city in order to develop a programme of photographic and new media activity in the coming years.”

FOCUS Exhibitors: Willie Doherty, Don McCullin, Tom Wood, Stephen Monger, Pavel Banka, Chris Wainwright, Derek Reardon, John Bishton, John Blakemore, Lynn Sliverman, Ming de Nasty, Nick Hedges, Oded Shimshon, Paul Hill, Richard Sadler, Roshini Kempadoo, Vanley Burke, Watchorn Memorial Church Archive, TEN・8

EXPOSURE Exhibitors: Richard J Richards, Anthony Hopewell, Tessa Bunney, Peter Atha, Rachel Wilberforce, Ivan Smith, Jonathan Legge, Julian Hughes, Nick Sargeant, James Smith, Ali Richards, Kate Bellis, Trevor Attwood, Anthony Marshall, Sophie Powell, Karina Cipikoff, George Harris, Frameworks

2006: Trans/form

FORMAT06 is a photography festival taking place in Derby between 22 September and 22 October 2006, organised by Q Arts, Derby City Council and Derby University. Building on the success of FORMAT05 which saw 100,000 people visit 30 exhibitions in 20 venues over 60 days in April and May last year. The season becomes bigger and bolder this year, with high profile exhibitions, a photography conference, master classes, workshops, professional practice opportunities, mobile phone photography competition and much more.”

FOCUS Exhibitors: Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Trent Parke, Anne Marie Creamer & Andrew Grassie, Jung-A Yang, John Goto, Nudrat Afza, Tim Simmons, Julian Germain 

EXPOSURE Exhibitors: Roger Hopgood, Abigail Howe, Amanda Kennington, Ben Graville, Penny Klepuszewska, Stuart Mills, Andrew Langford, Gerlinde Miesenboeck, Kathrin Ollroge, Caroline Budge, Zoe Chiderley, Corinne Silva, Carl Jaycock, Ian Skoyles, Gerard Mermoz, Laurence Ward, Suzannne Mooney, Rowan Cox, Olivier Metzger, Andrew Richards, Oliver Moffett, Valerie Dalling, Anastasios Akparidis, Katja Hock, Antonia Bardis, Olivia da Silva

2007: Professional Practice Activities and Events

In November 2007, FORMAT hosted two-days of professional practice activities and events including; Portfolio Reviews, a panel discussion with leading industry professionals Susan Bright, Paul Herrmann, Ed Horwich, Brian Griffin and Gwen Thomas and a rare film screening of It’s Nice Up North featuring Martin Parr.

2009: Photocinema

From film still to still film the theme for FORMAT09 is positioned in the half-light between these two narrative and technical sensibilities, colliding - fact with fiction, historicism with fantasy, and reality with the cinematic. The festival contains the work of artists who extend the ‘still’ image in time through the use of photo-narrative sequencing, directed or documentary photography and moving image from single still to feature film. Work may be derived from film stills, be highly composed or documentary but in essence work included in the festival subscribes to a notion of the cinematic. The FORMAT09 programme engages with the rich history of creative interaction between the moving and the still photograph, tracing elements of their ever-changing relationship. The theme offers a way into exploring content at the point where photography and film converge, beyond technical definition, reflecting the artists’ subtle ability to locate meaning in the hybrid spaces between cinema and photography through an incredible and diverse practice.”

FOCUS Exhibitors: Hannah Starkey, Muge, Zhang Xiao, Gregory Crewdson, William Eggleston, Cindy Sherman, Jonas Mekas, Eric Baudelaire, Simon Roberts, David Lynch, Mark Read, Nicola Dove, Bethany Murray, Pang Xuan, Wim Wenders, Steve Harries & Mel Bles, ANRA, Latitude Photographers, Unseen, Photo-festivals, Cia de Foto, Magnum in Motion 

EXPOSURE Exhibitors: Alma Schneor, Nadège Mériau, David Boulogne, Frederique Cifuentes, Bei Yue, Minou Norouzi, Gillian McIver, Jason Dee, Svea Josephy, Sylvia de Swaan, Vincent Lafrance, E J Major, George Drivas, Jenny Baines, Matt Boulton, Arno Roncada, David Birkin, Martina Lindqvist, Giuseppe Lambertino, Dean Hollowood, Kate Peters, Geoff Weston, Astrid Busch, Kathrin Kur, Peter Richards, Selim Eyuboglu & Sevgi Ortac, Veronica Spierenburg, Justin Coombes, Sam Hadfield, Emma Linnane, Patrick Davies, Jon Hunt, Martin Holland, Edgar Martins, Adam McAlavey, Natalie Bannister, Kresimir Zadravec, Aaron Schuman, Diarmait Grogan, Paul Green, Renhui Zhao, Julieta Sans, Eugenia Ivanissevich, Trolley Books, SeeSaw, No Parking 

2011: Right Here, Right Now

"FORMAT11 celebrates the breath and wealth of street photography. Street photography bridges everything from journalism, documentary, art, film and other genres, the essential ingredients being intuition, observation and the ability to compose with space, time and place.”

FOCUS Exhibitors: Alex Webb, Amy Stein, Brian Griffin, Bruce Gilden, Bruno Barbey, Bruno Quinquet, Chris Steele-Perkins, Collectives Encounter (ASA, Human Endeavour, Rawiya, The Photography Collective, VEA, Wideyed), Constantine Manos, Edward Swinden,Frederic Lezmi, Gerry Winogrand (Slideshow curated by Joel Meyerowitz, George Georgiou, Giacomo Brunelli, Graeme Vaughan, Gus Powell, Jeff Mermelstein, Joel Meyerowitz, Jun Abe, Martin Kollar, Michael Wolf, Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman, Orville Robertson, Peter Dench, Polly Braden, Raghu Rai, Raoul Gatepin, Raymond Depardon, Richard Kalvar, Trent Parke, Vivian Maier, WassinkLundgren, Will Sanders, Zhao Liang, Baltic Street Photography Now (curated by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas)

EXPOSURE Exhibitors: Alessandro Marchi, Alina Kisina, Andrew Glickman, Anthony Carr, Arno Roncada, Bahbak Heshemi-Nezhad, Brett Van Ort, Christopher Handran, Derby Diaries, Dougie Wallace, Emmanuel Guillaud, Gabriel Thompson, Guilda Kahn, Hannah Pierce-Carlson, Hardcore Street Photography (Flickr Group), Harri Pälviranta, Hin Chua, Ilenia Voleri, Jack Simon, James Royall, John Angerson, John Darwell, Karen Fraser, Kate Hooper, Kartin Koenning, Kurt Tong, Latitude Photographers, Laurence Stephens, Ljudamilla Socci, Martijn Peters, Matthew Pell, Mehraneh Atashi, Nicolo Sertorio, Orit Ishay, Peter Ainsworth, Rich Rowland, Robert Covington, Schinster, Shoot Derby, Stephen McLaren, Street Life, Thanasis Lornef Zacharopoulos, Toby De Silva, Gary Austin, Vidisha Saini, Virgillio Ferreira, Zhang Xiao, Zhao Renhui

2013: Factory

"FORMAT13 centres on the theme of FACTORY and mass production. This can be understood literally and creatively in terms of process and the transformation of material, live site of production, the products, workers, analogue process, and documentary.

Derby, the city where FORMAT is based, holds a significant World Heritage Status as the birthplace of mass production and the world’s first factory. This world affecting phenomenon of mechanised production on mass was one of the factors responsible for timed working life, urbanization, mass production on all scales and the creation of industrial economies. It also sparked the movement towards socialism, unions, futurism and constructivism during the industrial revolution.

The festival theme focuses on several aspects of factory and working life such as automation, live to work/work to live, the products and impacts of factories, communicated through exhibitions, performances and related programmes encompassing an eclectic array of genres, concerns and aesthetics."  

FOCUS Exhibitors: Alinka Echeverría, Archive of Modern Conflict, Atushi Fujiwara, Thomas Sauvin (Beijing Silvermine/2009-2013), Belén Cerezo, BlindBoys, Blurb, Brian Griffin, Chris Coekin, David Moore, Edward Burtynsky, Erik Kessels, Hemera Photocollective, Human Printer, Huw Davies, Ian Teh, Mark Curran, Piece of Cake Collective, Pierre Bessard, Polly Braden, Rawiya, Simon Roberts, Derby Local Studies Library Archive (Stood Still in Time)

EXPOSURE Exhibitors: Alex Grace, Andreas Meichsner, Andrew Emond, Andy Lock, Björn Larsson, Brice Chatenoud, Burton South Derbyshire College, Carmine Cuccuru, Caroline McNally, Christopher Steel, Clay Smith, Daniele Cinciripini, Darek Fortas, Darn Thorn, David Chancellor, David Severn, David Shepherd, David Welch, Debbe Adele Cooper, Dionysis Kouris, Elisa Noguera Lopez, FORMAT Graduate Award Winners (Chris Baker, Mimi Dendias, Michelle Robinson, Lauren Spencer, Gavin Wells, Simon Weldon), Freya Najade, Gazi Nafis Ahmed, Graham Elstone, Hajime Kimura, James A. Hudson, James Newton, Janet Delaney, Ji Hyun Kwon, Joanne Betty Conlon, John Tunley, Jonathan Blaustein, Kajal Nisha Patel, Ken Grant, Lee Milne, Live Pennington, Liz Murray, Louis Quail, Maria Kapajeva, Martin Cregg, Michele Palazzi, Mnna Pöllänen, Moira Lovell, Nadine Stijins, Nick Rochowski & Tim Bowditch, Oliver Eglin, Oliver Woods, Patricia van de Camp, Paul Floyd Blake, Paul Wenham-Clarke, Pawel Fabjanski, Petra Stridfeldt, PUTPUT, Rebecca Conway, RJ Fernandez, Rob Ball / Obsolete Studios, Robert Day, Sam Curtis, Sandra Hoyn, Sasha Kurmaz, Sebastian Liste, St. Austell Student Collective, Stuart Royse, Susan A. Barnett, Tatyana Palyga, Thais Medina, The Caravan Gallery, Thomas Vanden Driessche, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Tim George, Toby Smith, TogsQUAD, Wideyed Collective, Wolfgang Müller, QUAD Youth Forum 


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