CJ Clarke & Christoper Ian Smith

CJ Clarke & Christopher Ian Smith 

Magic Party Place (Dreaming of a New Town Utopia)


Magic Party Place (dreaming of a New Town Utopia) explores the mood of the contemporary English nation through the sometime modernist, often brutalist architectural and social constructions known as ‘new towns’. Built post world war two, New Towns were designed as social 'Utopias' in the model of Thomas More's vision – to create “a new type of citizen, a healthy, self-respecting, dignified person with a sense of beauty, culture and civic pride.” Specifically focusing on the statistically average new town of Basildon in Essex – this installation explores the intentions behind the design of the new towns and the impact of these intentions on the behaviour of its residents and their responses to their habitat. Mapping the roots of Brexit in the process, CJ Clarke and Christopher Ian Smith’s installation combines still and moving images to reveal the true heart of a community which occupies the mainstream of society yet perceive themselves to have been pushed to the margins.






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