Claudius Schulze


Claudius Schulze

State of Nature


State of Nature shows the extent of natural disaster protection, and how it has become part of the European landscape. Schulze travelled 50,000 km across Europe, using a large format camera, photographing from an aerial view what seems to be picturesque landscapes.

But each of those idyllic sceneries contains imperfections: alpine panoramas are crossed by snow sheds, the North Sea coast is furrowed by breakwaters. In each of the photographs protective structures rise into the landscape. But these pictures are not about on defining the boundary between culture and nature. On the contrary: the photographs demonstrate how much the two spheres penetrate each other. As the weather is turning feral in times of climate change, it's civil protection agencies maintaining the world as it should be – an idyllic life without care. But the reality looks far more bleak: people in the rest of the world are left to their own devices against the despotic nature of climate change. 


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