Daniela Friebel


Daniela Friebel



Moss-covered boulders in a remote forest area near the Strait of Gibraltar dominate within BATERÍA by German artist Daniela Friebel. It is only upon a closer look that these landscape scenes disclose their man-made nature. Decades ago, these rocks were sculpted by the Spanish military in order to conceal the underground structures of a large coastal battery gun.

This tiny territorial intervention had a far-reaching impact both geographically and historically, from expansive strategic control before and during WWII, today's Perejil island crisis, to a shift in the ecological dune system of the entire South-West coast of Spain. Text fragments and illustrations accompanying the photographs touch upon these aspects.

BATERíA talks about camouflage, the questions of real and false, natural and artificial, about surface and the things hidden underneath it. It is about European military history and territorial conflicts as well the construction of landscape





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