The Lisa and John project updates an archive of David Moore’s documentary photography work from 1988 titled Pictures from the Real World that focused on working class communities in Derby. This version of the project performs a re-assessment of the original work through archive intervention and a collaboration with Lisa and John who, as previous subjects, contribute to the production of the new pieces.

Lisa and John – Oh my Days! features an installation of scale theatrical models showing the “photographer at the scene”composing key photographs from the original series. Alongside the exhibition is a one-night only stage play, The Lisa and John Slideshow, that is written and co-directed by Moore. Premiered in the Derby Theatre Studio space, this live performance opens up the project through a form of documentary theatre, known as “verbatim”, that is based on the spoken words of real people.

Moore is a widely published and exhibited photographer who uses documentary modes to observe state and social apparatus. His 2013 book and touring exhibition, Pictures from the Real World, was published to critical acclaim with reviews in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Source Magazine, Photoworks and others.

Lisa and John – Look at Us! by David Moore has been developed in collaboration with theUniversity of Westminster and Professor Val Williams of the UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC)London College of Communication. With thanks to the University of Derby.



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