Dragana Jurisic


Dragana Jurisic

YU: The Lost Country


Yugoslavia fell apart in 1991. With the disappearance of the country, at least one and a half million Yugoslavs vanished, like the citizens of Atlantis, into the realm of imaginary places and people. Today, in the countries that came into being after Yugoslavia’s disintegration, there is a total denial of the Yugoslav identity.

YU: The Lost Country was originally conceived as a recreation of a homeland that was lost. It was a journey in which Jurisic would somehow draw a magical circle around the country that was once hers and in doing so, resurrect it, following Roland Barthes’ assertion that photography is more akin to magic than to art. Instead, it turned out to be a journey of rejection. Her experience was one of displacement and a sense of exile that was stronger back ‘home’ than in the foreign place where she had chosen to live.




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