Farhad Berahman


Farhad Berahman

Memories of Home


A Shahre Farang is an Iranian version of peep boxes, a form of entertainment provided by wandering storytellers back in the 19th to the 20th Century. The word in Persian means ‘European City’ and the images shown allowed everyday Iranians to see exotic cities such as London, Paris and Rome to which they would be unlikely to have ever travelled. Berahman intends to construct replica of a traditional Shahre Farang.  His Shahre Farang will house the memories of Iranians now living in exile in the UK.  Asking them where they would go to if they could return home today, he plans to use a network of Iranian based photographers to capture these places as images on camera. The work will provide an intimate yet nostalgic portrait of Iran made from afar.








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