Katrin Koenning


Katrin Koenning 

The Crossing 


The Crossing is a long-form work concerned with human impact on an ecology in which our legacy is carved sharply into everything we’ve touched. The images reflect on nature in states of disappearance, adaptation and transition as it faces the Anthropocene.

From 2015, in a conservative political climate driven by vested interests, the Australian government considered limiting conservational philanthropy and placing restrictive laws on green activism. Today, policy continues to favour short-term economic growth, enabling further devastation rather than investing in positive ecological transformations.

In a time that urges for a politic of expanded natural visibility, The Crossing is Koenning’s continued engagement with man’s fractured relationship to the natural world. This work sees the artist return to sites of ecological changes and impacts in the (Australian) landscape.

Tracing human presence and absence, the works suggest collective states of urgency, drawing on what is lost, what remains and ultimately, what is at stake.





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