Lee Deigaard


Lee Deigaard

Night Vision, selections from Unbidden (2008-16)


The classic dualism in photography of the hunter-gatherer gains much resonance when photographing animals, and using photographic terminology: to ‘shoot’ or to ‘take’ a photo, to ‘capture’, draws parallels with a hunter’s jargon. Deigaard’s subjects are the wild animals on former farmland bounded by highways and zones of active hunting. Her work repurposes the stealth of the hunter's camera, inviting a collaboration at the edge of woods between the darkness that underscores the animals’ singularity and their autonomous response. The empathetic leap - the attempt to understand individual to individual - is apart from a species description and delineation and often arrives through hindsight, with introspection. It recognises the animal as a protagonist acting to its own purposes.





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