Lia Darjes


Lia Darjes

Being Queer, Feeling Muslim


Queer Muslims that are seeking a safe space to pray, asking the question: am I a sinner or not? Imams identifying as feminists; transgender people who are shaking the traditional and religious understanding of gender roles – Lia Darjes met them in different parts of the Western world – France, Germany, Canada, England, the United States – and shares the stories of the individuals who are building their own progressive and inclusive communities.

At this time, seven countries with a Muslim majority faith have introduced capital punishment for the “crime” of homosexual intercourse.

While this fact implies that a dominant portion of the Muslim world has embraced a homophobic interpretation of the Quran, there remains an important number of Muslims around the world who don’t accept this view as a fundament of their religion. They battle against homophobia, as much as they battle against islamophobia and racism.


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