Michel Le Belhomme


Michel Le Belhomme



The Two Labyrinths explores its most blatant legend: landscape and its representation. Landscape, the ultimate romantic subject, most often expresses itself from the angle of the contemplative or the breathtaking. Etymologically, a landscape is a layout of traits, characters, and shapes of a limited space.

But it is to be seen firstly as a system, perfect theorem of time and space, of flows and crossings, of borders and intermixing. In this series, the artist firmly chooses to stand “in conflict” with the landscape, as a vision and as a product of space, he humbly places himself in a structuralist approach of the spectrums of exploration, analysis and experimentation of this visible production.

Halfway between dreamt-up images, suspended between documentation and fiction, and a visual experience with floating absurdity and metaphorical irony. The visible thus becomes minimalistic, ghost-like, a breathtaking void, a work of fiction.





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