Miren Pastor


Miren Pastor

Twin Cousins


Pastor’s ongoing body of work searches for concealed motives connected to the current Spanish financial crisis, finally known to the public in the case of three ancient health resorts that were considered twin cousins, Panticosa, Cauterets and Gavarnie. They share an identical past and a very contradictory present. From their inner depths are born the thermal springs which supplied their baths with water during their golden age.

This enigmatic triangular habitat, the 147 km2 of Spanish and French surface enclosed by a 55,4 km perimeter will be the scenery on which to travel to its origins: one of the fundamental elements of creation, water.

According to Wassily Kandinsky, an acute-angled triangle divided into three uneven parts, slowly rotating upwards and forwards, symbolises spiritual life throughout time, and also what creators represent.





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