Monica Alcazar-Duarte


Monica Alcazar-Duarte

The New Colonists


The New Colonists investigates the metaphysical, ethical and environmental issues surrounding the new space race. It also hints at a world, beyond the material. It hints at a world, where the mundane is reframed by scientific advancement, highlighting the human condition in a post-human era. The work invites the viewer to examine their position within our contemporary techno-society.

Alcazar- Duarte combines several parallel narratives to frame her work and gives us a full spectrum of possible reads. The New Colonists is a series of UK scientist’s portraits which are part of a 100-person worldwide shortlist of candidates for a one-way trip to Mars in 2027, in conjunction with everyday mundane images from a little town called Mars, USA, and film clips on the activity that may take place in Earth’s lower orbit.

The main interplay between these images reflects on our need to reach Mars despite having Mars on Earth.


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