Nishant Shukla


Nishant Shukla

Seeking Moksha


In 2011, Nishant Shukla walked to the source of the Ganga in the Himalaya to collect water for his grandfather, a Hindu priest, who was on his deathbed. Shukla hoped it could give his grandfather some connection to a place of which he had spoken of, but had been unable to visit. By the time Shukla returned, his grandfather had lost his memory, and could no longer recognise his grandson. 

In subsequent journeys, Shukla often fantasised about spending his time as a hermit, and considered finding a cave to live in. During those visits he collected wildflowers, stones, earth and water. Offering them to those close to him, and carrying them, in spirit, to the places where these things came from.

Seeking Moksha evolved through such personal journeys. It is informed by encounters with people who seemed more lost than found in their search for transcendence, as perhaps Shukla himself was too.


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