Poulomi Basu


Poulomi Basu

A Ritual of Exile: Blood Speaks


Blood Speaks. Red. The colour of love, marriage, purity and sin. A Ritual of Exile is an immersive installation that investigates the causes and consequences of normalised violence against women. Perpetrated under the guise of Hindu tradition, the route cause of this violence is the impurity of a woman’s menstrual blood. Hidden, under-reported and unresolved, these women are untouchable and, as a result, this violence takes the form of ‘exiles’ which keeps menstruation shrouded in mystery and taboo.

Combining photography, virtual reality (VR) and immersive projections, this installation places the audience inside the complex and endlessly repeating the cycle of abuse faced by the women forced into such exiles. Centred around the ritual of Chhaupadi, in which menstruating girls and women must live in huts barely fit for animals, the audience is taken on a journey so that they may come to understand the isolation, hardship and claustrophobia that the women must endure during their exile.





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