Simon Aeppli


Simon Aeppli

Eden (selected films, 2004 to 2016)


Aeppli is a filmmaker who creates personal and subjective forms of documentary and essay film. His filmmaking process includes photography, notebooks, observational material, literary and poetic texts, anecdotes and chance encounters.

His films focus on place and in particular his hometown of Eden, Northern Ireland. This Eden is not an earthly utopia of peace and beauty but a rundown and half-forgotten village, which exists around the perimeter fence of a large coal and oil power plant. The ‘Garden of Eden’ is a small cul-de-sac, which is overshadowed by the power plant’s 700ft chimney.

Aeppli’s films use the landscape, people and the stories of Eden as a starting point for investigation and discovery. The result is an exploration into both the domestic and curious happenings in the neighbourhoods of Eden, which reveal a place filled with eccentricity, obsession, humour and beauty.


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