Slovenian photographers - Jazbec - Povse - Pucelj - Zorman

Slovenian photographers - Boštjan Pucelj - Ciril Jazbec - Matej Povše - Matic Zorman

Balkan Trails


In 2015, Slovenian photographers Ciril Jazbec, Matej Povše, Boštjan Pucelj and Matic Zorman documented the plight of, mainly Syrian, refugees fleeing civil war. Many of the refugees took off on a dangerous journey through the so-called Balkan route, crossing several countries including Slovenia, trying to find a safe haven and a new home in Europe. As visual documentarians, Jazbec, Povše, Pucelj and Zorman shared a collective wish to document and bear witness to this humanitarian crisis, often bringing back memories of the consequences of recent Balkan wars. The work was created as a group project under one concept while maintaining each photographer’s individual interpretation to the events.


Artist: Ciril Jazbec, Matej Povše, Boštjan Pucelj and Matic Zorman





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