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Ying Ang

Gold Coast


Simultaneously touted as the crime capital as well as the tourist capital of Australia, the South Coast was a straggly and dangerous strip of coastline that was renamed to Gold Coast by real estate developers in an effort to seduce investors, retirees and holidaymakers. In a huge push to attract potential home-owners through the 60's and 70's, a vast network of canals was constructed to provide for waterfront homes, complete with an unexpectedly large population of bull sharks that lurk in the shallow depths. This relationship between selling the idea of the perfect home and pervading danger is evident in the local news, that fluctuates between million dollar listings and tales of sleaze and murder. State Government corruption and unethical business practices through the 80's and property scams in the 90's cemented the Gold Coast as the perfect place for Australians of ill repute to come and reinvent themselves.





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