Ben Fredericks is a visual artist working predominantly with moving image, producing digital artworks that focus on ethical concerns. His new work explores interactive narratives through virtual reality and examines the experience this new technology offers.

Playing God is a fully immersive artwork that tests a multi-option narrative. Once the VR headset is on, the viewer will find themselves in a futuristic, multi-colonised solar system where they play the part of the captain of an outpost facing a humanitarian crisis. The viewer playing this role is able to direct the narrative by making decisions on the ethical dilemmas they are confronted by as the narrative plays out – in effect they will be “playing God”.

Here the viewer, playing the role of captain, is inundated with refugees — you must decide who and how many to save, and how to deal with the effects of your choices, paralleling the Syrian refugee crisis.

This work is funded by Arts Council England and D-Lab.


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