Change the Picture 2 is a project delivered by Derventio Housing Trust in partnership with QUAD and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Its aim is to give people with experience of homelessness a much-needed skills and confidence boost and a chance to explore their personal experiences through photography.

We hope that displaying these photographs in a public exhibition will help to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness of homelessness in the local Derbyshire area. Jon Legge, a photographer and educator based in Nottingham, spent three months working with the group.

“We took pictures, thought, ate, drank and most of all we talked. We talked about lots of things, we talked about this project, about our week, about our interests, about friends and family, but most of all we talked about photographs and what they meant to us. I assigned various tasks to the group over the time we were together, including one from which the following text was taken:

‘Take five photographs in your bedroom or living room. Photograph things that mean something good to you.’

Nearly everyone who did this assignment included a photograph as one of their five objects.

Photographs mean a lot to us, especially photographs of people who are no longer around. Unlike many objects we value, photographs are also ubiquitous, cheap and portable.”

This series of images represents a Portrait of Lives presented through Possessions, Portraits and sanctuary (sense of place). They show the photographers’ interests,  skills, friendships, social networks, challenges and personal space.


Located directly opposite the Cathedral next to the Cathedral Book Shop. 



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