Joey Holder - Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network

'Adcredo' investigates the construction of belief in online networks, examining the rise of unjust ideologies and fantasies, and how these are capable of affecting our worldview. The advent of digital media has shown that the world is made up of a mass of circulating, disjointed and contradictory information. This multi-dimensional communications network can be easily manipulated by online groups and individuals, which can give rise to new narratives and ideologies. Using research from investigative journalism and social psychology the work takes the form of a speculative association, a corporation where ideologies are disseminated to manipulate people. Conspiracy theory, sci-fact and sci-fi, corporate and religious belief systems are woven together in this multi-dimensional work.

We live in a time of ‘hyperpolarisation’ where we think that people with different political or religious beliefs live in different worlds. Our beliefs are reaffirmed in social media echo chambers whereby abstract manipulation occurs through background algorithmic processes, pulling us further into rabbit holes and making atomized groups. The work operates by holding up multiple mirrors, reflecting different cultural sets of belief systems, to question the very foundations of what constitutes our world view. It uncovers personal journeys that lead to certain convictions and critique the platforms that pitch different belief systems against each other.

Music for the films in the exhibition is by AJAMusic by City and i.o. Graphic Design by Alex Walker. Audio/Visual programming by Matt Woodham. Writing by Bert Preece. The 'Adcredo' company website can be found here, and the online publication here.

Produced in partnership with QUAD and Bloc Projects, Sheffield. The project will be further developed at Matt’s Gallery in July 2018 and then tour to the 6th Athens Biennale in October 2018.

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Exhibitions Launch at QUAD: Friday 13th July, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. FREE. 

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