The word ornithology refers to the study of birds, but in this case extends to the many activities around the fascination with these animals and their world. The projects in this exhibition deal with the primal bond between men and bird, and the practices that arise from this complex relationship. Orrantia has created a dialogue between this work and the hundreds of historical objects found within the Pickford's House collection.

Referencing photography and video projects from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Japan. These bird stories take us from New Zealand, across to China and Mongolia, the Middle East and Europe, making us aware of the global connections and resonances between them.

The reading room at Pickford's House Museum has a copy of all of the books on the exhibition. In this room invited artist Chris Coekin has made a bespoke installation of his project Tak Two Coos.  The work includes a series of collages that playfully appropriate and reinterpret the images and text found within the classic Observer's Book of Birds.

It continues his exploration into the notion of reality representation within an everyday environment.


Artists: Ricardo Cases, Stephen Gill, Yohei Kichiraku, Anaïs López, Mark Mattock, Martin Parr, Leon Reindl, Maria Sturm and Cemre Yesil, Chris Coekin

Curated by Rodrigo Orrantia


© Yohei Kichiraku


Hidden amongst the gorgeous old buildings and cobbled pavement of Derby's Friar Gate sits Pickford’s House; the professional showcase and family home of Georgian architect Joseph Pickford. Now the museum illustrating aspects of domestic life from the 18th to the 20th centuries, Pickford’s House shows the contrast between the master and the servant, the grandeur of Georgian architecture and the changes that occurred in the house over it's 250 year life.


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