Slideluck Editorial presents: BORN THE SAME

If we are able to focus more on what makes us human and similar, rather than different to each other, maybe this could have an impact on us, on the way we relate with each other, and how we perceive contemporary global events. Ten authors, exhibited at QUAD in the Extra Gallery Spaces as a series of moving-image works, interpreted the Born The Same theme and responded with a range of narratives touching not only different countries, but also primarily telling stories related to some of the most ‘hot’ topics, culturally and socially relevant today, delivered through a very personal and creative gaze.

The authors:

Griselda San Martin – The Other Side

Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi – You Gave the Virgin a New Heart

Karen Paulina Biswell – Nama Bu

Tania Franco Klein – Pest Control

Nobukho Nqaba – Umaskhenkethe

Daniel Rodrigues – The Hunted

Ed Kashi & Tom Laffay – Hidden Under The Indian Sun

Laura El-Tantawy – Beyond Here is Nothing

Carlotta Cardana – The Red Road Project

Stephen Gerard Kelly – Irish Travellers

Born The Same is a project conceived and curated by Maria Teresa Salvati.

Part of FORMAT International Photography Festival off year programme.


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