All Artists


Alexandra Polina 

Mask, Myths and Subjects



Alexey Shlyk 

The Appleseed Necklace 



Andrew Bruce 

Cold Air Rising 



Barbara Karant

820 Ebony/Jet



Borko Vukosav

Used to be



Carlos Alba

The observation of trifles



Christopher Bethell 

The Duke of Earl


CJ Clarke & Christopher Smith 

Magic Party Place (Dreaming of a New Town Utopia)



Claudius Schulze

State of Nature



Daniela Friebel




Dara McGrath

Project Cleansweep



Dominika Gesicka

This is no real life 



Dragana Jurisic

YU: The Lost Country



Drew Nikonowicz

The World and Others Like It



Edgar Martins

The Poetic Impossibility to Manage the Infinite



Farhad Berahman

Memories of Home


Gijs van den Berg / Jan Dirk van der Burg

Cutting Edges: Excesses of Dutch Prosperity



Guillaume Simoneau 

Experimental Lake 



Jan McCullough 

Home Instructional Manual



John MacLean 




Jon Tonks

Cargo Prophecy Coconut King



Jost Franko 

Cotton Black, Cotton Blue 



Julia Fullerton-Batten

Feral Children 



Katrin Koenning 

The Crossing 



Laurent Chéhère

Flying Houses 



Lee Deigaard

Night Vision, selections from Unbidden (2008-16)



Lia Darjes

Being Queer, Feeling Muslim







Liz Orton

The Longest and Darkest of Recollections 



Magda Biernat 




Mandy Barker

Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals



Mark Wright

The Fireside and the Sanctuary



Martin Errichello & Filippo Menichetti

In Fourth Person



Masamichi Kagaya

Autoradiograph - visualize radiation since 2011 



Michel Le Belhomme




Miia Autio

I called out for mountains, I heard them drumming



Miren Pastor

Twin Cousins



Monica Alcazar-Duarte

The New Colonists



Nikolas Ventourakis

Defining Lines



Nishant Shukla

Seeking Moksha



Poulomi Basu

A Ritual of Exile: Blood Speaks



Quentin Lacombe

Event Horizon



Rachel Glass

The Domestic Aviary



Rebecca Najdowski

Give Them Distance 



Anais Lopez, Leon Reidl, Maria Strum & Cemre Yesil, Mark Mattock, Martin Parr, Ricardo Cases, Stephen Gill and Yohei Kichiraku

Curated by Rodrigo Orrantia



Sheng Wen Lo

White Bear



Simon Aeppli

Eden (selected films, 2004 to 2016)


Slovenian photographers - Boštjan Pucelj - Ciril Jazbec - Matej Povše - Matic Zorman

Balkan Trails



Stephanie Rushton

The Archaea



Tim Simmons




Truth Leem

City of Lost Homes




Dance Old Dance



Ying Ang

Gold Coast



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