“I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be.”

- Isaac Asimov  

Photography was once considered the most accurate way to record truth. The photograph acted as a solid piece of evidence; indisputable proof of something, someone or somewhere. Since its discovery, photography has been employed as a silent witness to ideas, capturing events and representing a trace of the world.

Today, every two minutes, we take as many photos as the entirety of humanity took during the 1800s. On a daily basis, we use photography to evidence our lives; routines, friends, meals, encounters. Millions of seemingly insignificant moments are recorded and shared online, creating inconclusive portraits of individuals, places and events. 

We can no longer consider a photograph an evidential document in every case. It can equally misrepresent reality as much as it reveals truths; questioning the historic phrase “the camera never lies”.


A huge thank you to everybody who submitted to our open call this year. It has been a record breaker, with over 1000 proposals from more than 50 countries, with more than 40% of the submissions coming from outside of the UK. Our expert jury was delighted to see so many entries from a truly international pool of talented photographers.

As so many of this year's entries have been of such a high calibre, the FORMAT team and international jury felt it was important to reflect this and have increased the number of EXPOSURE projects to be exhibited at FORMAT: EVIDENCE to 76.

Among the entries chosen to be shown at the FORMAT Festival next March 2015 will be work by notable artists such as Simon Norfolk, Chris Shaw and Lisa Barnard and exciting unseen work from an emerging generation of talented photographers drawn from over twenty countries across North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, India, China, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

FORMAT: EVIDENCE will be a truly international festival, and we hope you can join us.

Full list of EXPOSURE contributors and exhibitors:

Craig Ames,  Hani Amra,  Miia Autio,  Arnis Balcus,  Lisa Barnard,  Farhad Berahman,  Marta Berens,  Richard Birkin,  Marianne Bjørnmyr,  Giacomo Brunelli,  Antoine Bruy,  Boreal Collective,  Jack Carvosso,  Martina Cleary,  Souvid Datta,  Lottie Davies,  Harold Diaz,  Caroline Douglas,  Boris Eldagsen,  Maurice van Es,  Sarah Eyre,  David Fathi,  Paul Freeman,  Lydia Goldblatt,  Sayed Hasan,  Yining He,  Rick Hekman,  Matt Henry,  Seán Hillen,  Henry Iddon,  Ciril Jazbec,  Melanie King & Claire Reece,  Wawrzyniec Kolbusz,  Birgit Krause,  Ji Hyun Kwon,  Eric Lesdema,  Robert Leslie,  Pixy Yijun Liao,  Qian Ma,  David Magnusson,  Matter Collective,  George Miles,  Heather Miller,  Haley Morris-Cafiero,  Tito Mouraz,  Justin Newhall,  Simon Norfolk,  Karl Ohiri,  Antonio Olmos,  Johan Österholm,  Sarah Pickering,  Jill Quigley,  Swen Renault,  Jana Romanova,  Maria Rosaria,  Fan Shi San,  Nick Sargeant, Francesca Seravalle,  Chris Shaw,  Alnis Stakle,  Tom Stayte,  Rob Stephenson,  Melanie Stidolph,  Theo Stroomer,  Jiehao Su,  Lotta Törnroth,  Artur Urbanski,  Bénédicte Vanderreydt,  Peter Watkins,  Ed Watts,  Alex F Webb,  Hua Weicheng,  Philip Welding,  Wideyed Collective,  Sanne De Wilde, Patrick Willocq.


FORMAT invited a panel of international experts from the field of photography to assist in the short-listing and selection of EXPOSURE artists. The Jury for FORMAT15 consisted of:


W.M. Hunt – Photography Consultant & Collector, New York, USA

Brian Griffin – Photographer & FORMAT Patron, UK

Erik Kessels – Curator, Director at KesselsKramer Publishing, Netherlands

Wang Baoguo – Chief Editor, Chinese Photography Magazine, China

Aaron Schuman – Photographer, Curator, Writer, Lecturer and Editor of SEESAW Magazine, UK

Tim Clark – Chief Editor of 1000 Words Photography Magazine, UK

Peggy Sue Amison – Artistic Director of East Wing, Dubai, UAE

Joanne Junga Yang – Director of Y&G Art, Seoul Photo Festival, Korea

Enrico Bossan – Head of Photography at Fabrica, Editor of Colors Magazine, Italy

Louise Clements – Artistic Director of FORMAT/QUAD, UK 


FORMAT has partnered with a selection of great organisations to offer awards. These include:


Clifton Cameras Award – Canon Camera, EOS 70D EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit*


Ideas Tap Award - £1000

Paul Hill FORMAT Award - £1000

Genesis and Fujifilm Production Award - £1000 worth of framing and printing (on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper)

The Photography Show Award - £500


The Photocaptionist Award - £250 towards the production of a special image-text commission for the platform

*Prize value £999. No cash alternative.  



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